C# Basics – Constructors – Part 12

We explore how constructors work and for what we might need to use them.

Andraz Krzisnik
C# Basics – Constructors – Part...


Sometimes we want to create an object and set some predetermined state to it. Basically, you would pass the properties’ values as an argument to an object when you are creating it. Whenever we are creating a constructor, there is something important to keep in mind, we need to set it’s name exactly the same as the name of the class it’s in.

We also can’t call it just anywhere like functions. We can only call a constructor with a new keyword in the beginning.

class RealEstate
    public string street;
    public int number;
    public string type;

    public RealEstate(string s, int n, string t)
        this.street = s;
        this.number = n;
        this.type = t;

And when we would use it, we’d write:

RealEstate rl = new RealEstate("Some street", 7, "House");
MessageBox.Show("Address: " + rl.street + ", real estate type: " + rl.type);
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