Hello World!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Andra┼ż and I kinda run things around here. epoch abuse is a blog about everything I might find interesting, so things might get a little random here … or not we will see where my mind take us.

I’m fresh out of college so as you can imagine what empires I plan to build with all the blog money I will get hell yeah. But for real my thoughts are aiming in that direction so I just might, for once, write something useful to somebody. Give and you shall be given, or something like that, all deep and shit.

Sooo … if anybody wants to leave some tips in the comments on how to make a dollar, I’ll be forever grateful. You will be able to comment only under posts … because that’s how I roll (theme didn’t include).

Oh, and I almost forgot I try to make something happen over at CPA network called MaxBounty. If anyone else wants to join you can register over my referal link. I would appreciate that very much.

And make sure to follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook … and all that jazz.