How to Create a Landing Page

Andraz Krzisnik
How to Create a Landing Page

Hey, do you know where do landing pages come from?

I’m weighing my options here on how to go about making a landing page. The rules are simple, a header that tells you what’s what, a huge impossible to miss button and some privilages that your customer is going to gain by using your whatever you are promoting.

SO, I have gathered 2 methods, with which you can create your landing page. Coding skills may come in handy, consider yourself warned.

Method #1

You can use free website builders such as Blogger, Weebly and WordPress. All though, with blogger, you need to have some coding skills to create a custom landing page. The easiest way to make a landing page in blogger is to create a empty template (or download it here) and paste your html code in a post. This way you don’t need to learn blogger code.

Another great platform is weebly. It’s perfect for those who lack coding skills or don’t have time nor patience to learn it. Weebly allows you to build your website element after element with drag and drop system. And you can also access html and css files if you want to edit your website through code.

And the last one that I mentioned was WordPress. You will a lot of templates, sometimes it’s hard to choose, but you can build your landing page on this platform aswell, works similar as Weebly.

Method #2

You become a subscriber at (this method will cost you money – 25$ per month, but it bills you for an entire year). You definitely need to be prepared to invest some money in your business, but if you are only a beginner like me, I think a wiser choice would be to go for a platform that is free.

Leadpages works very similar as Weebly, the only difference is that, Leadpages provides you with an interface that is filled with elements that are specificaly created for landing pages. An example of such element would be a count down timer.

I think this interface is perfect for maximizing your productivity.


Note: Copy the text from “Template Code.txt” and replace your Blogger template with it for desired effect.

Have a great tip on how to improve a landing page?

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