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Intro – Start Programming – Part 1

Andraz Krzisnik
Intro – Start Programming – Part...

Intro – Why is programming so important?

There are so many people that get discouraged from programming, because it may seem too difficult. It’s actually way simpler than it may seem in the beginning.

Programming is something more and more people adopt and use to optimize the efficiency of their work and even find answers, that wouldn’t be possible to find any other way.

So it can prove itself useful in expressing your imagination, like lego blocks. It’s free and the number of different options is rising everyday.

Visual C# in .NET Framework

Microsoft developed C# programming language. It originates mainly from other programming languages like C++, Visual Basic and Java. We write the code on .NET Framework, which provides many tools to create all kinds of software. We also have the option to add and build on it.

Microsoft’.NET framework is basically a platform that can be run on numerous different devices, such as your desktop computer, smartphone and pretty much everything else that has a processor.

It’s consists of many different solutions for building interfaces, data processing, cryptography, development of network application…

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Solution Development in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET

For writing software in C# programming language , Microsoft created a developing platform called  Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. It combines a code editor, compiler, debugger, tools for documenting software and other tools.

Besides all that, it supports other programming languages such as C++ and Visual Basic.

Each Solution is not comprised of one file, but with a bunch of them. All these together are called a Project.

There are also different kinds of Projects we can create:

  • Console Application is meant to be used for applications that don’t need a graphic interface
  • Windows Forms Application is meant for desktop applications development
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application – Windows applications, built with a graphical subsystem – Looks Better
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Browser Application – Applications that run in browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Class Library – build libraries of classes
  • Empty Project – start from scratch

By selecting different types of projects, you can create different implementations of your code.

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